Overview of the EEPROM in LTC PSM Devices

March 03, 2016 // By Nick Vergunst, Linear Technology
Description: Linear Technology® has a large family of devices that provide a great deal of power and configurability for all applications. These parts additionally provide onboard nonvolatile memory (NVM) in the form of EEPROM to store and recall configuration parameters and on some devices provide a fault log and user scratch pad. These Power System Management(PSM) devices’ architectures allow them to power up and load the desired configuration parameters from this NVM autonomously with no I2C or firmware interaction required. A common question customers ask is, “Now that I have settled on a particular configuration, how do I program this configuration into the chip’s onboard nonvolatile memory (NVM)?” Some available options are presented in rough order of increasing complexity throughout the document.
Linear Technology, LTC2975/7