Spanish researchers design all-in-one down-conversion chemistry for white LEDs

All organic white LEDs typically require a precise layered approach with several organic semiconductors and injection, charge transport/blocking, and light emission layers, while inorganic solutions call for the use of colour down-converting coatings made of rare-earth materials on top of a UV or blue-emitting chip. Even when thoroughly mixed at the right ratio to emit a sun-like spectrum, the discrete chemistries used in organic white LEDs show discrepancies in stability, affecting a white LED's useful lifetime.

High-power integrated magnetics for power converters in cars

The innovative design relies on several patents to reach objectives such as power density increase (decreasing power magnetic required volume), the combination of 2 or 3 components into one (saving magnetic cores) and weight reduction. Thermal behaviour has been solved using thermal conductive plastics on the bobbins to create a thermal link between the wire and the core: thermal pad or thermal liquid gap filling material, thermal liquid gap filler dispensed to guarantee reliable thermal link between bobbins, windings and core.

Start-up Inspekto raises US $10 million for autonomous machine vision

Blending computer-vision with artificial-intelligence, the start-up describes Autonomous Machine Vision as a visual system that allows manufacturers to set-up, install and detect defects in production in minutes, without the help of any external experts or systems integrators. The $10 million injected comes from leading industrial players, as well as expert financial investors, including Grazia Equity, ZFHN, Mahle, Planven, THI Investments and Steinbeis. With its new tools, the company whose valuation post investment is in the region of $60 million claims it will b

ToF-Based Long-Range Proximity and Distance Sensor AFE Evaluation Board

The OPT3101 EVM is intended for evaluating the OPT3101 device, which is a high-speed, high-resolution AFE for continuous-wave, time-of-flight (ToF)-based proximity sensing and range finding. The device integrates the complete depth processing pipeline that includes the analog-to-digital converter, timing sequencer, and digital processing engine.

Maximizing signal dynamic range for true 10 Vpp differential input

This reference design is designed for high performance data acquisition (DAQ) systems. Many of them require the measurement capability at a wide FSR (Full Scale Range) in order to obtain sufficient signal dynamic range.

ISO224EVM Reinforced Isolated Amplifier With Single-Ended ±12V Input and ±4V Differential Output

This evaluation platform for ISO224, which is a 7-kV reinforced isolation amplifier designed for use in voltage-measuring applications, allows the user to explore all the features of the device.

Analog Engineer’s Circuit Cookbook - Common ADC and op amp sub-circuit ideas

What have we been cooking up at TI? Two comprehensive, sub-circuit e-book “cookbooks” that will help you learn the fundamentals of operational amplifier (op amp) and analog-to-digital converter (ADC) circuits. Get these step-by-step instructions with generic formulas that are adaptable to your circuit design goals.

Introduction to Time-of-Flight Long Range Proximity and Distance Sensor System Design

This user's guide provides information about Time-of-Flight (ToF) long range proximity and distance sensor system design. This document describes the detailed functionality of ToF proximity systems, explains the trade-offs involved in a typical ToF system and provides a step-by-step design flow.

Driving the future of HEV/EV with high-voltage solutions

Energy efficiency and electrification of vehicles has become a key global focus. Read this white paper to learn the value of high voltage and switch-mode power supplies and the advanced power electronics required to handle them.

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