0.5-type OLED microdisplay boasts 4031PPI resolution

Comparing the UXGA OLED microdisplay (left) with
the QVGA OLED microdisplay (right).

Low profile, high power density: AEC-Q200 power inductors from TT

The  inductor are ideal for use in high efficiency DC-DC converters using high switching frequencies up to 3MHz as well as EMI and low pass DC filters. Applications in the transportation field include powertrain, engine control, transmission control, LED driver, ABS braking systems, EPS, radar systems, and camera control systems. In the industrial sector they are ideal for use in automation systems as well as DC-DC converters. 

IDT’s 9FGV100x PhiClock Generators now at Mouser

The devices integrate crystal load capacitors and offer an optional integrated crystal to simplify designs and save board space. The 9FGV100x family provides outstanding PCIe Gen4 performance along with exceptional Ethernet performance with phase jitter as low as 225 fs RMS at 156.25 MHz (12 kHz–20 MHz). The extremely low power consumption of the devices (as low as 100mW at 1.8V) also allows placement closer to high-power components, enabling further board space savings.

Mouser - www.mouser.com

IQD signs new global distributor Digi-Key Electronics

“In today’s world where design engineers need product immediately for their designs, the agreement with Digi-Key enables IQD’s products to be available from stock at what we know is most design engineers’ first port of call,” said Maria Shoteh, Vice President Sales at IQD Frequency Products Inc.

UltraSoC, Imperas partner up

Under the terms of the agreement, UltraSoC will incorporate elements of Imperas' development environment into its tools offering, giving designers a unified system-level pre- and post-silicon development flow.

Intel CEO resigns over past relationship

Intel has named chief financial officer Robert Swan, interim chief executive officer with immediate effect.

Congatec teams up with OSADL for real-time Linux

In a first step, OSADL qualified congatec’s latest real-time Linux implementation that uses Linux kernel 4.9.47-rt37 on conga-TS170 Server-on-Modules equipped with the embedded server-class Intel Xeon processor (E3-1578L v5 at 2.00GHz). The challenge when implementing hard real-time Linux behaviour lies in mastering all processing layers from BIOS to Linux kernel to user space, since the overall real-time capabilities are only as good as the weakest link in the chain.

Kionix and Rohm partners for wirelessly-connected sensor node

The SoC combines a 64MHz, 32-bit Arm Cortex M4F processor with a 2.4GHz multiprotocol radio with 1MB Flash memory and 256kB RAM. The chip supports all the features of Bluetooth 5 including 4x the range or 2x the raw data bandwidth (2Mbps) compared with Bluetooth 4.2.

Neuromorphic prosthetics skin gives comprehensive touch/pain feedback

Their idea is to enable amputees to receive sensory feedback from their prosthetic limb not only for grasping objects with relevant force, but also to enable them to feel more accurately the objects' shapes and eventually experience their sharpness or pointiness through different pain thresholds.  

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