6 advanced capabilities of DAQs

Going from single temperature measurement to more robust temperature data logging like making multiple measurements at a time? Read this white paper for help determining the data acquisition system (DAQ) to best fit your temperature data logging needs. Download now

Photo-microsensors are surface mount for office automation

The devices feature a 5mm slot width and are offered with 5V or 24V DC drive. The 5V DC version is designed for consumer electronics and office equipment. The 24V DC version offers easier integration into heavy duty industrial systems. Both are offered in either dark-ON or light-ON configuration to simplify circuit design. Initially released as board-mount SMD devices, Omron is expecting to release wire-mount connector versions in the near future.

Industrial-grade embedded SIM comes in a WLCSP

The chip provides a high-end feature set fully compliant with the latest GSMA specifications for eSIM. Deploying eSIM brings a number of advantages for a smooth adoption of cellular connectivity into industrial environments. Device manufacturers can increase their design flexibility due to the eSIM’s small footprint, and simplify manufacturing processes as well as global distribution thanks to a single stock-keeping unit.


Printed origami antenna unfolds and tunes to different frequencies

The research detailed in the paper “Continuous-range tunable multi-layer frequency selective surfaces using origami and inkjet-printing” published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that forming dipole elements across a foldable origami pattern using a simple inkjet-type printer yielded radio frequency filters whose adjustable dimensions would continuously change their characteristics, blocking different signals throughout a large range of frequencies.

FN 9255 Filter Series

This Schaffer series offers a high number of variants of approximately 100 different filter types, ideal for medical applications.

Aluminium Organic Polymer Capacitors

Murata ECAS series of capacitors realize low ESR, low impedance and high capacitance by multilayered aluminium foil.

Johnson / Cinch 2.92mm SMK Connectors

This series connector provides an excellent solution for demanding applications requiring high frequency transmission.

SM91501AL / SM91502AL Signal Transformers

The single and dual-channel isolation transformer modules from Bournes.

Brad Passive-Signal and Safety MPIS Boxes

Designed to achieve quick and reliable connections of high-density industrial signal IOs and simplify wiring in harsh factory-automation environments.

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