Merck Lights Up Luminale 2018

“This non-profit alliance aims to leverage their expertise to further develop OLED as a sustainable light source for a variety of applications,” said Michael Grund, Head of OLED & Quantum Materials for the Performance Materials business sector of Merck.

“We will aim to identify how OLED technology can be used to create one-of-a-kind solutions with ranging benefits such as being efficient, eco-friendly and even self-sustaining when combined with other technologies.”

Philips Lighting wants a new name

The company will continue to use the Philips brand under the existing licensing agreement with Royal Philips.

"We're excited to announce our new company name as another step in our transformation journey," said Eric Rondolat, CEO of Philips Lighting in a public statement.


Vehicle-to-Grid Intelligent Control (VIGIL) project launches

The VIGIL project is focussed on developing a new communication and control platform for Vehicle-to-Grid/Building (V2G/V2B) systems: an off-vehicle system that controls how, when and the rate at which electric vehicle batteries are charged/discharged with respect to local substation constraints and EV/building energy requirements. 

200W development kit targets wireless power transfer

The 760308EMP-WPT-200W comprises a power supply, a transmitter unit and a receiver unit. The transmitter side consists of a full bridge and a resonant circuit made up of the WPT coil and the resonant capacitors connected in series. Due to the phase shift between voltage and current in the resonant circuit, the system operates in zero voltage switching (ZVS) mode. On the receiver side, there is a synchronous rectifier with downstream filtering and sieving.

Xilinx promises revolutionary architecture at 7nm

At a pre-launch event held in London, recently elected CEO Victor Peng justified the need for the new architecture as a way to circumvent the demise of Moor's law, considering the ACAP as the mother of all future ASICs.

MEMS goes into 10A power switches

Until now, the company says, many industries have had to live with the tradeoffs of solid-state controls, including high-leakage currents, lack of air gap and complicated thermal management, or electromechanical solutions that are slow, bulky and expensive. For its 200V/10A DMS smart power relay, Menlo has combined over 200 micromechanical high-voltage switches, with fully integrated protection and controls, and designed it into a Smart Power Relay evaluation board. The credit-card-sized board is capable of carrying 10A of DC current, without the need of a heat sin

MEMS technology shrinks loudspeakers

Such micro-loudspeakers were developed by the Fraunhofer Institutes for Digital Media Technology (IDMT) and Silicon Technology (ISIT). MEMS technology stands for microelectromechanical systems and combines classical semiconductor technology with miniature mechanics in the micrometer range. The ISIT scientists are thus heralding a paradigm shift:  Loudspeakers can thus be made of silicon in the same way as computer chips.

Horticulture fit LEDs deliver 228lm/W

Thus, the 5630X-ELB series combines the advantages of luminous efficacy and stability to provide best lighting solutions for commercial, professional and industrial applications. Monochromatic light LEDs are widely applied for horticulture lighting, by combining colours to effectively meet the requirements of specific spectra and optical functions. The company has developed a special series of products based on monochromatic light wavelength to cover PAR 450nm to 745nm from high to low power with SHWO 3535-ELB, 3030-ELB and 2835-ELB.