Reducing EMI Radiated Emissions with TI Smart Gate Drive

Smart Gate Drive technology in TI motor drivers helps customers solve their radiated EMI issues without costly board revisions or extra test time.

OPT3101 EVM unboxing and demo

OPT3101 is a high speed, high resolution analog front end used for time of flight based proximity sensing and range finding. It integrates the complete signal processing pipeline that includes an analog-to-digital converter, timing sequencer, and digital processing engine to make a complete system.

TI Precision Labs – Isolation

Check out this comprehensive curriculum of training videos covering everything from essential isolation specs and certifications, to understanding how to design and troubleshoot with each type of isolation device.

Meet Smart Gate Drive

As the most intelligent and highly integrated gate drive technology, TI's Smart Gate Drive is easy to use, offers system cost savings, and provides reliable protection. Learn more about these benefits below and find the right smart gate driver for your next.

Achieve unparalleled performance for accurate distance measurement and object detection

The OPT3101 is a high-speed, high-resolution analog-front-end (AFE) for time-of-flight (ToF) based proximity sensing and range finding. It is the first AFE in its class to enable complete multi-zone ToF systems that are insensitive to ambient light conditions and target colors.

Simplified design with added protection and intelligence

The DRV835x family of devices are highly-integrated gate drivers for three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor applications. These applications include field-oriented control (FOC), sinusoidal current control, and trapezoidal current control of BLDC motors.

Isolated voltage sensing, like never before

With the ISO224, you can now design with all the benefits of reinforced isolation, with higher working voltages and longer lifetimes. Increase system stability and accuracy of measurements over an extended temperature range, all while reducing board size for compact designs.

Staying secure in the smart era: Three rules for cyber security

Cyber-vulnerability in manufacturing threatens data loss, theft of intellectual property and severe damage to a business’ trading reputation. Without doubt, the increase of connected devices on the average factory floor has expanded the risk, but in an age where smart production cannot be avoided, how can manufacturers connect their facilities, while remaining protected?


Security by design

Rad-hard precision current sources to feed satellites' resistive sensors

The ISL70591SEH and ISL70592SEH come in 4-lead ceramic flatpack packages and provide 100µA and 1mA of output current, respectively. They offer a smaller footprint than competitive devices, and replace the discrete solutions that typically require three to five components. The smaller package size boosts reliability by placing the excitation source closer to the sensor. The Renesas current source ICs also reduce system errors by delivering ultra-low noise for higher accuracy (±0.34% for the ISL70591SEH, ±0.30% for the ISL70592SEH) over temperature and radiation.

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