High speed signal transmission photorelays in a 2.00x1.45x1.65mm footprint

The device is rated for 60V (VOFF) and a maximum current of 0.4A (ION). The device is housed in an S-VSON4 package measuring just 2.00x1.45x1.65mm. The TLP3440S is housed in a new S-VSON4T package, which has the same industry-leading small footprint (2.00x1.45mm) as the S-VSON4 but is thinner at just 1.30mm. The TLP3440S features a low RON of 12.0Ω (typ.) and is rated for 40V (VOFF) and a max current of 0.12A (ION). Its switching times are 0.2ms (ton) and 0.3ms (toff).

Phased array scanners for high-resolution absolute encoders

Evaluation is executed by interpolation ICs using a Nonius calculation, e.g. iC-MN and iCMNF, permitting a very high angle resolution of more than 21 bits, even with code disc diameters of only 26mm. All devices of this series can be used with short-wave blue LED lighting for a high accuracy due to a sharper projection. The iC-PNH comes packaged in a 5x5mm optoQFN.

1x1mm chip scale package LED delivers up to 237lm/mm²

The prototype exhibits a typical luminous flux of 100 lm at 350mA and a colour temperature of 3,000 K. It delivers a flux density of 237 lm/mm² when operating at 1,000mA. The compact 1.0x1.0x0.25mm LED comes without a primary lens. The light-emitting surface is contacted within the component itself without the need for bond wires, making it possible to place multiple LEDs very close together in a small space.