ams to ship VCSEL arrays for Xiaomi's face recognition feature

Delivered in a 3x3x1mm package, the PMSIL VCSEL array comes as a complete flood illuminator system with integrated eye-safety interlock, offering very high optical efficiency and minimizing the drain on the phone’s battery when emitting. The device incorporates the emitter die, and a diffuser, featuring high spectral stability over temperature, and a narrow spectral width of <1nm. Its engineered beam profile can be precisely configured to the needs of specific smartphone applications.

Leti, Transdev and IRT Nanoelec partner for commercial LiDAR sensors

Transdev's latest innovative transportation technologies already allow to operate fleets of autonomous vehicles for shared mobility. The perception of the environment through sensors is essential to offer the best client experience in terms of comfort and operation speed guaranteeing the required level of safety and security. Evaluating sensor effectiveness and robustness is critical to develop the Transdev's Autonomous Transport System that will allow the operation of autonomous vehicles fleets in a maximum of environmental conditions safely and securely.  

Hyundai to create separate passenger sound zones

Anticipating a huge adoption of car-sharing and autonomous driving with more entertainment options, the car maker designed a system that decreases or increases wavelengths of sounds from multiple speakers in a car, in effect performing a type of beam-forming that allows drivers and passengers sitting in the front seats and backseats to listen to different music without interference.

Saudi fund could be part of potential Tesla buyout, reports Bloomberg

But the potential transaction’s staggering $82 billion price tag means Tesla is still likely to need to tap other sources of cash.

Automotive and medical grade switch is potting-friendly

The SMT device comes with a potting-friendly extended cage, which improves potting level tolerance, enables faster production and increases quality. Potting is often necessary to ensure complete protection even when a sealed switch is used – but potting levels are typically difficult to control in production. In addition, the traditional method of using a flat switch top risks the possibility of the potting compound moving inward and blocking the actuator. By incorporating an extended cage, this issue is avoided.

Infineon and JD sign strategic partnership to build Chinese IoT ecosystem

“Infineon is committed to empowering a wide range of industries with secured and efficient technologies, with a special focus on building strong alliances with local market partners,” said Adam White, Senior Vice President Global Sales of the Power Management & Multimarket Division at Infineon.

Wireless-charging kit enables wearables to sport ultra-compact chargers

Built around the STWBC-WA wireless charging-transmitter controller, the kit comprises a charging base unit containing a transmitter board with the 20mm coil already connected and ready to use. Getting started is easy, using the PC-based STSW-STWBCGUI software to configure the STWBC-WA and monitor runtime information such as power delivered, bridge frequency, demodulation quality, and protocol status. The kit includes a dongle for running the GUI.  



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