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Amphenol RF presents redesigned connectors which are optimized for use with low loss cables

Redesigned SMA, TNC, and N-Type connectors from Amphenol RF are optimized for use with low loss cables. Low loss cables provide enhanced shielding with a bonded foil construction ensuring 100% coverage. The connectors feature a nominal impedance of 50 ohms and offer low return loss from DC to 6 GHz.

Next Gen IoT Designs - Cypress

PSoC 6 bridges the gap between expensive, power hungry application processors and low‑performance MCUs

The PSoC 6 MCU contains a dual‑core architecture, with both cores on a single chip. It has an Arm® Cortex®‑M4 for high‑performance tasks, and an Arm® Cortex®‑M0+ for low-power tasks, and with security built-in, your IoT system is protected.


Waterproof strain gage devices support outdoor measurement applications

As moisture is the most common cause of field installation failures, the W2A provides long-term defence from water-exposure, resists harmful chemicals, and allows for immediate and thorough protection in field environments. Reducing the complexity involved in strain gage installation, the W2A series comes with built-in pre-attached lead wires that require no additional sealing protection and significantly shorten strain gage installation process and time.

Infrared LED targets automotive sensing applications

The Luxeon IR Domed line includes four different radiations patterns (50°, 60°, 90° and 150°) with industry compatible footprint for seamless implementation in existing designs. The Luxeon IR Compact line is what Lumileds claims to be the world’s smallest high power infrared emitter for the automotive market, enabling miniaturization while providing unique freedom for custom optical designs. Both the Domed line and the Compact line use a ceramic substrate for optimal heat dissipation and excellent thermal conductivity. The devices are compliant with AEC - Q102.

Trade war with China raises prices of U.S. LED light bulbs

In the new report, Terri Wang, LEDinside analyst, points out that the scales of the price drop of high- and mid-power products varied in September, with those of the 0.2 W and 0.5 W 2835 LEDs reaching 2% and 3% on average, respectively. Meanwhile, prices of high power ceramic-substrate LEDs declined by 2-3%, as their shares in the markets of architectural, outdoor, and commercial lighting have been gradually taken over by 5050 LEDs.


Infiniium S-Series Oscilloscopes: The Industry’s Standard for Signal Integrity
Keysight’s Infiniium S-Series oscilloscopes go beyond simple bits of resolution to truly offer you the complete package in terms of superior signal integrity.

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More high-power LEDs at RS Components

The Osconiq P series includes the P2226, P3737 and P7070 families. The first of these, the P2226, is a white and colour LED series that offers a full mid-power colour portfolio, along with high levels of corrosion resistance. The family also combines a compact package with a footprint of only 2.6x2.2mm along with high performance and wide current and temperature operating ranges. Enabling very compact luminaire designs, the P3737 family offers long lifetime and a high light output with a minimised package size.

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