Automotive-qualified MPSoC family targets ADAS platforms

The product includes a “safety island” designed for real-time processing functional safety applications that has been certified to meet ISO 26262 ASIL-C level requirements.  In addition to the safety island, the programmable logic can be used to create additional safety circuits tailored for specific applications such as monitors, watchdogs or functional redundancy, effectively allowing ASIL decomposition and fault-tolerant architecture designs within a single integrated circuit.  

The XA Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC family is available now.

Israeli startup turns luminaires into wireless power chargers

Nowadays, when you speak about wireless charging, you immediately think about either inductive coupling as it is implemented in charging mats or RF-based solutions as demonstrated by the like of Powercast or Energous. But Wi-Charge claims its solution is both safer (radiation-free, interference-free) and more energy efficient, since a precisely focused infrared laser beam is all what it takes to transfer power between a charging hotspot and client devices equipped with an add-on photovoltaic cell.


Google deal marks final chapter of NXT story

Founded way back in 1977 by Farad Azima as Mission Electronics, NXT developed highly innovative technology for drivers that turned any surface into a flat speaker. Instead of developing products, the business model was to license the patents and technology implementations to manufacturers, aiming to create a board market for the technology and creating another Dolby Labs.


UMC sues Micron in China

The action is being seen as a countersuit after UMC was indicted in a California court in December 2017 over the alleged theft of DRAM trade secrets from Micron by three UMC employees. The complaint alleges that UMC and Jinhua Integrated Circuit conspired to gain access to Micron confidential information by hiring former Micron employees.

Sigfox' SDR dongle now at Digi-Key

A configurable radio receiver and transmitter, the Sigfox SDR dongle is the hardware platform on which to run the Sigfox Device Test Suite, a comprehensive device developer software toolkit including a Network Emulator and a Radio Signal Analyzer. This mean users can test end-to-end and bidirectional data transport services between a Sigfox device and their application, also testing radio compliance with Sigfox Verified certification requirements.

Tips for choosing a 3D vision system

Rule one: Abandon CAD

Advanced 3D vision systems are a stark contrast to the vision software of manufacturing’s past. Many existing systems still require professional CAD programming to ensure the robot can recognise shapes. However, even after programming, this software can have difficulties recognising multiple items at once.



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