The UltraWELD project to improve OLED encapsulation

With a focus on joining dissimilar materials, the UltraWeld project will focus primarily on the bonding of glass to metal, for example in the hermetic sealing of thin glass OLED devices and optical components for electro-optics, miniature lasers and sensors.

MIT extrudes electronic-laden fibres for fabric-based wearables

Detailing their technique in a Nature paper titled "Diode fibres for fabric-based optical communications", the researchers started with a polymer fibre preform whose bulk contained hundreds of micro-sized LEDs, alongside hollow channels through which they fed copper or tungsten wires as the preform was heated up and drawn into thin fibres.

Electron beam patterning for high-resolution full-colour OLED displays

Using its patented process, FEP was able to modify the emission of an OLED through the existing encapsulation layer to achieve full-colour OLED without using colour filters or shadow masks, creating a fixed image. To create red, green, and blue pixels, an organic layer of the OLED itself is ablated by a thermal electron beam process. This patterning causes a change to the thickness of the layer stack, which makes the emission of different colours possible.

Allegro MicroSystems to open new R&D centre in the Czech Republic

“We are very excited to formally open our new R&D centre in Prague. We were fortunate to hire an excellent team of engineers. This high performing team is already accelerating Allegro’s leadership position in both the automotive and industrial markets,” said Michael Doogue, Vice President of Business Development and Advanced Sensor Technologies at Allegro MicroSystems. 

Allegro opens R&D centre in Prague

The centre in Prague is currently staffed by 24 engineers in Prague. The team will initially focus on developing sensor ICs for electrified vehicles, green energy, and high-efficiency industrial motor applications.

Agriculture - Alpha Wire

Cable glands are dust-, dirt-, sand-resistant, and watertight in accordance with IP68

Constructed with high-strength polyamide body composition and robust rubber seals making it ideal to protect against dripping water and water pressure. The IP rated cable glands are used for a wide range of industries including renewable energy, industrial automation, and electrical equipment.

RF Test Instrumentation - Analog Devices

ADGM1004/ADGM1304 SP4T MEMS Switches with Integrated Driver

The ADGM1004 and ADGM1304 are wideband,  SP4T switches using ADI's MEMS switch technology. This technology enables a small, wide bandwidth, highly linear, low insertion loss switch that is operational down to 0 Hz/DC, making it an ideal switching solution for a wide range of RF applications. These RF MEMS Switches are 95% smaller, 30 times faster, ten times more reliable, and use ten times less power than conventional electromechanical relays.

Industrial Temperature Control - Melexis

Ideal for thermal analysis applications

The Melexis MLX90640 is a fully calibrated 32 pixel x 24 pixel IR array in an industry-standard 4-lead TO39 package with a digital interface and contains 768 FIR pixels.  Suitable for human detection, fire prevention, building automation, lighting control, surveillance, and air conditioning systems.

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