TMR 3-axis magnetometer sensitive to 10nT/LSB

The new TMR magnetometer on a chip, measuring just 1.6x1.6x0.6mm, features the industry’s lowest RMS noise of just 40nT-rms and a very low current consumption of only 40µA at an output data rate of 100Hz.

videantis claims 1000x performance boost on deep learning applications

The company continues to see a lot of demand for smart sensing systems that combine deep learning with other computer vision and video processing techniques such as SLAM or structure from motion, wide-angle lens correction, and video compression. It claims to be the only company that can run all these tasks on a single unified processing architecture, simplifying SOC design and integration while easing software design and reducing unused dark silicon.

Digi-Key gets worldwide disti exclusivity on Microsemi SmartFusion2 Maker Board

This low-cost evaluation platform lowers the barrier for hardware and firmware engineers to develop embedded applications for the ARM Cortex-M3 and 12K logic elements (LE) FPGA fabric in the SmartFusion2 device. Contents include the new SmartFusion2 board, a USB cable to provide power, programming and communication, and a QuickStart Guide.

Image sensor platform for automotive use

To give developers real flexibility, the new range delivers a variety of image sensors that range from 8.3 megapixels (MP) down to 1.2 MP, which are based on the same platform and offer the same feature set. The 4.2 µm pixel size provides the low-light performance that will be necessary for new safety tests that have been defined by Euro NCAP and will come into operation soon. The image sensors also offer a range of features that includes functional safety up to ASIL-C, HDR, security options and a small package size.

FCC opens era of wireless charging 'at-distance'

As the first FCC certification for power-at-a-distance wireless charging under Part 18 of the FCC's rules, this development represents a new era of wireless charging, and opens up a tremendous opportunity for the electronics industry, according to Dialog Semiconductor plc, an investor in and partnet of Energous.

Dialog is the exclusive component supplier of WattUp transmitter and receiver ICs, and has invested $25 million into Energous over the past year.

Optical MEMS startup raises $3.4 million

Aeponyx was founded in 2011 and claims that its micro optical switches are 100x faster, 10x cheaper and 10x smaller than the 3D MEMS used in commercial products within data centers and by telecom service providers.

The seed funding obtained will enable Aeponyx to complete the development and industrialization of its planar micro optical switch chips based on a proprietary combination of silicon photonics and MEMS.

Solid-state lidar maker opens factory

The facility uses semiconductor photonic IC processing tools and a conveyor system to turn silicon wafers ito S3 lidar sensors. The facility also includes calibration and final testing.

The company did not say how much the factory cost to build or give production quantities. Since its founding in November 2012 the company has raised $135 million and Delphi, Samsung and Sensata are strategic investors.

MediaTek offers biosensor module for smartphones

The component combines hardware and software to perform six health-monitoring functions including tracking heart rate information, blood pressure trends, peripheral oxygen saturation levels.

However no mention is made of how accurate these measurements are or whether equipment that includes Sensio must carry a disclaimer about its suitability for medical use.