Accelerating your quality system’s actionability in manufacturing

What can differentiate one manufacturer’s quality system from another? How readily they take action against a non-conformance and how frequently they report key quality metrics, which is enabled through a modern manufacturing execution system (MES).


Pentek UltraScale FMC Carrier

The Model 5983 is a complete multichannel data conversion and processing subsystem. This 3U VPX carrier is capable of hosting FMC and FMC+ modules with 1.5X higher performance utilizing 15% less power with the Kintex Ultrascale FPGA. ►


Mouser Stocks NXP LPC800 MCU

NXP Semiconductors LPC800 MCU is a low-power, low pin-count, entry-level 32-bit, ARM® Cortex®-M0+ based MCU and supports up to 32KB of flash memory and 8KB of SRAM.

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Latest News From CES 2018

Infineon AEC-Q100 qualified angle sensor at Rutronik

The sensor detects the alignment of a magnetic field by measuring sine and cosine voltages with monolithically integrated Giant Magneto Resistance (iGMR) elements. With the aid of an internal auto-calibration algorithm, it records the angular values with high precision over a wide temperature range and a long service life. For the 360° angle measurement he uses a rotation counter and the measurement of the angular velocity.

Dresden firm takes FDSOI down to 0.4V

The IP is available through makeChip, Racyics' hosted design service platform targeted at startups, small companies, research institutes and universities.

Racyics has executed power-performance-area (PPA) studies for both Cortex and RISC-V based microcontrollers (MCUs) operating at supply voltages down to 0.4V on 22FDX and in Decmeber 2017 it taped out a Cortex-based test chip for silicon validation of its adaptive body bias (ABB) design approach and to show the potential for MCU implementations.

MicroLEDs reach TV status

Demonstrated at CES, the "Wall" as the company calls it is made up of tiles of microLEDs seamlessly jointed together and is described as a modular product. Arguably, the tiling scheme could be arranged by Samsung to match customers' specific requirements and the bezel-free "wall" could be combined with other units.

Open automotive sound design platform

Built upon the company's expertise in user experience (UX) design, acoustics and signal processing, AudioworX aims to help automakers differentiate their brands through highly personalized, passenger-centric solutions.

The Harman AudioworX framework comprises three main components:

The Operating System: A unified platform enabling rapid design and quick porting on diverse hardware, accomplishing more in less time with a high degree of flexibility, efficiency and re-use.

Salt and water could make a really cheap battery

Looking for safe, affordable batteries for the future, the question is: Why don't we just use water as electrolyte? Water is inexpensive, available everywhere, does not burn and can conduct ions. However, water has a decisive disadvantage: it is chemically stable only up to a voltage difference of 1.23 V. A water cell therefore supplies three times less voltage than a standard lithium-ion cell with 3.7 volts, which is why it would hardly be suitable for applications in an electric car.