Simplify the Development of Secure Connected Nodes

Microchip’s CEC1702 hardware cryptography-enabled MCU now supports the DICE security standard, providing a simple way to add fundamental security to embedded products. A new CEC1702 IoT development kit for Microsoft Azure IoT is also available, offering designers everything needed to easily incorporate the DICE security standard in their products.

New Microchip PIC<sup>®</sup> and AVR<sup>®</sup> MCUs increase system performance in closed-loop control applications

Microchip announces the introduction of new PIC18 Q10 and ATtiny1607 families of 8-bit MCUs, featuring multiple intelligent CIPs that simplify development and enable a quick response time to system events. Advancements in the architecture of PIC® and AVR® MCUs have optimised these devices for implementing closed-loop control.

Microchip’s new 2D Touch Surface Library easily implements low-power touch pads with surface gestures

Microchip has announced a new 2D Touch Surface library that enables designers to easily implement touch pads using the company’s 8-bit PIC® and AVR® MCUs and 32-bit SAM MCUs. Available free of charge with the purchase of any compatible MCU, the library provides a simplified, low-cost solution for embedded applications.

Improve Performance in Harsh Environments with Microchip’s New Automotive MEMS Oscillators

Microchip Technology has unveiled the new DSA family of automotive grade MEMS oscillators that provide 20 times better reliability, 500 times better tolerance to shock and five times better vibration resistance than traditional quartz-based crystal devices. The DSA family also includes the industry’s first multiple output MEMS oscillator.

Vertically standing GaAs nanowires transferred on flexible substrate

Their paper "Light-Emitting GaAs Nanowires on a Flexible Substrate" published in ACS' Nano Letters describes how homogeneous core−shell 4 to 5μm long GaAs nanowires (200nm in diameter) were first grown through molecular beam epitaxy on a Si substrate, before being secured at their base through the capillary impregnation (averaged via spinning) of a photoresist to about half their height.

Microchip’s European MASTERs Conference 2018

Taking place in Germany, Berlin on 11-13th September 2018, Microchip’s European MASTERs conference is inviting innovative design engineers to take advantage of this technical seminar and benefit from 3 days of learning about the new technologies that can realise their designs for future products.

Digital Control Meets Intelligent Analog to Streamline Design

The role of an 8-bit MCU continues to expand as Microchip introduces two new MCU families. The new PIC16F18446 family are ideal components for use in sensor nodes; whilst the introduction of the ATmega4809 presents a new series of megaAVR® MCUs, designed to create highly-responsive command and control applications.

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