High performance, low power, FET Input high speed, operational amplifier

The OPA2810 is a dual-channel, FET-input, voltage-feedback operational amplifier (op amp) with extremely low input bias current. The OPA2810 is unity-gain stable with a small-signal unity-gain bandwidth of 120 MHz, and offers both excellent DC precision and dynamic AC performance at very low quiescent power. 

New high-voltage amplifiers deliver wider bandwidth and faster speeds

Achieve low distortion and high output power levels with THS3491 wide small-signal bandwidth, high slew rate and output current of ±420 mA to. THS3491 is capable of 10-Vpeak-to-peak output levels at 200 MHz into 100-Ω loads for test and measurement systems.



Barcode recognition system helps blind and visually impaired people shop

The OrCam MyEye 2.0 can instantly identify tens of thousands of barcodes for a wide range of consumer products. This uses the same artificial vision technology that allows the wearable system to read printed and digital text off of any surface, recognise faces, and identify bank notes in real time.

Shopping can be a particularly challenging and stressful activity for blind and visually impaired people, particularly when the text on product labels is small or hard to identify.

Network equipment maker warns of MLCC capacitor shortages

Arris, which bought the cable set top box businesses of Motorola and Pace and makes a range of broadband and enterprise equipment, is pointing to significant supply problems with MLCCs.


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