0201-case, 1 nF, temperature compensation-type MLCC

February 11, 2016 //By Graham Prophet
Murata claims a first for its 0201 size (0.6 × 0.3 mm), 25V temperature compensation-type monolithic ceramic capacitors with CH/C0G characteristics. These capacitors are thought to be the first in the world of this size to achieve a capacitance rating of 1,000pF.

Higher operating temperatures within devices heightens demand for capacitors with large capacitance ratings that are able maintain stable characteristics in spite of temperature fluctuations.

The maximum capacitance available previously in 0201 size (0.6 × 0.3 mm) 25V capacitors was 220 pF. The size/capacitance advance of Murata's compensation-type monolithic ceramic capacitors will provide greater flexibility to circuit designers. Another benefit with these new devices is that they have little capacitance variation due to temperature fluctuations or DC bias.

These capacitors, GRM0335C1E102JA01 and GRM0332C1E102JA01, are currently in mass production.

Murata; http://psearch.en.murata.com/capacitor/product/GRM0335C1E102JA01%23.html