0603-size multilayer ceramic capacitor is world's thinnest at 0.11mm

March 09, 2016 // By Julien Happich
The JMK063 BJ104ML 0603-size multilayer ceramic capacitor developed by Taiyo Yuden is only 0.11mm, roughly 27% thinner as compared to the company's conventional product, JMK063 BJ104MH.

Measuring 0.6x0.3x0.11mm, the multilayer ceramic capacitor can be used into low-profile devices for the purpose of decoupling IC power supply lines internally. The JMK063 BJ104ML comes with a capacitance of 0.1μF and is rated for 6.3V. This multilayer ceramic capacitor is to be produced at the company's Tamamura Plant at a rate of 10 million units per month.

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