10-DoF MEMS IMU offers tactical grade performance

November 08, 2011 // By Paul Buckley
Analog Devices has released the third generation of the company’s i Sensor MEMS IMU (inertial measurement unit). The ADIS16488 is a tactical grade 10-degree-of-freedom (DoF) sensor and integrates a tri-axis gyroscope, tri-axis accelerometer, tri-axis magnetometer and a pressure sensor into a single package.

The new MEMS IMU provides the most stable and complete integrated sensor suite available, supporting mission critical requirements in high-performance navigation and stabilization applications. Beyond the important tactical grade (below 10° /hr) bias stability, the ADIS16488 outperforms all other contemporary gyro/IMU offerings on the often more critical specifications of g-effect, temperature coefficient, and bandwidth by up to 100X.

The new i Sensor MEMS IMU claims to outperform legacy military grade IMUs on vibration rectification and linearity. Every device undergoes unique and extensive factory calibration, resulting in unparalleled precision in the toughest environments and greatly reduced complexity, time, cost, and design risk relative to typical motion sensor development.

The ADIS16488 i Sensor 10-DoF MEMS IMU is a complete inertial measurement system that combines ADI’s high performance i MEMS technology and sensor-signal processing expertise to optimise the IMU’s 10-DoF dynamic performance. Operation is fully autonomous, including all embedded compensations, with valid data available from the SPI interface 500 ms after applying power. With all calibration done at the factory, and with an ADI Blackfin processor-powered configurable interface for tuning embedded filtering and other diagnostics, a major source of design integration time and risk is virtually eliminated.  

The ADIS16488 uses the same footprint and connector system as ADI’s ADIS16375, which greatly simplifies the upgrade process.

For further information: www.analog.com/ADIS16488 .