100-A power MOSFETs offer low power loss benefits for consumer motor drive applications

July 19, 2011 // By Paul Buckley
Renesas Electronics has developed 100 A power MOSFETs for motor drive in consumer products, such as cordless power tools and power-assisted bicycles, to strengthen the company’s entire line of power semiconductor devices. The new power MOSFETs cover a wide range of voltages, with three new products, including the N0413N, having a voltage tolerance of 40 V and three others, including the N0601N, having a voltage tolerance of 60 V. The new power MOSFETs have loss levels among the lowest in the industry, making them ideal for extending battery life.

The market for cordless power tools has seen an increase - especially among high-end models - in the use of brushless motors and other power efficiency measures to increase battery life. The power supply circuit of a typical power tool contains six power MOSFET devices, and there is increasing demand for power MOSFETs with low-loss characteristics (low on-resistance).

The company’s lineup of consumer power MOSFETs previously extended to a current rating of 83 A. In response to the increase in demand for power semiconductor devices for use in cordless power tools, Renesas Electronics has developed six new low-loss power MOSFETs designed to accommodate large currents of up to 100 A.

The new power MOSFETs use measures such as innovative mounting technology to accommodate large currents up to 100 A, making them suitable for use in applications like cordless power tools. In addition, they deliver low-loss characteristics among the best in the industry through the use of design technology built up over many years. For example, the N0413N with 40 V voltage tolerance has an on-resistance (Ron) of only 2.7 mΩ , and the N0601N with 60 V voltage tolerance has an on-resistance (Ron) of only 3.3 mΩ (VGSS = 10 V standard value in both cases). This contributes to longer battery life.

The new products are available with a voltage tolerance of 40 V or 60 V and in three package types, the TO-220AB and TO-262 and the surface-mount TO-263, for a total of six versions. Customers can choose the voltage tolerance and package best suited to their application.

Samples of the new power MOSFET devices are available now. Mass production is scheduled to begin in August 2011.

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