100A POL non-isolated DC-DC converters come with a PMBus

February 08, 2017 // By Julien Happich
TDK Corporation's iJC series of 100A Point of Load (POL) non-isolated DC-DC converters use adaptive digital control to deliver improved transient response and system stability across a wide range of output capacitance.

Accepting an 8 to 14Vdc input, the output voltage of the iJC can be adjusted from 0.6 to 1.5V with currents of up to 100A and a maximum output power of 150W.  With the current share function, converters can be paralleled to produce 180A, utilising either a PMBus command or an external resistor. Weighing just 20g and measuring 28.0x35.0x10.0mm, these ultra-compact converters operate across a wide -40 to +120°C temperature range with minimal airflow, providing a true “useable” power.

The read and write functionality of the PMBus allows precision, real-time monitoring of the output voltage, current and temperature. The iJC’s operating parameters can also be easily programmed using the TDK-Lambda GUI interface.  The converters can be used without the PMBus function through the use of function pins. Efficiency levels are maintained across light to full loads and are as high as 91.5% for a 1.5V output.

Visit TDK-Lambda at www.uk.tdk-lambda.com/ijc