1.0x0.6mm chip LEDs are only 0.2mm thin for wearables

July 07, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Contributing to improved design flexibility in wearables, drones, and other devices, Rohm has added 7 new colours to its PICOLED series of low-profile, 1.0x0.6mm chip LEDs.

The SML-P1 series combines a lower gold wire loop with a thinner light emitting element (thinned down to 0.05mm using proprietary technology) to achieve the thinnest form factor on the market at only 0.2mm.

Taking usage conditions into consideration allowed Rohm to prevent solder intrusion into the resin during reflow, by implementing penetration countermeasures within the package itself. This is expected to prevent failures caused by solder infiltration during the customer's soldering process, improving reliability

Rohm's full line up of 15 colours.

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