12A 800V MOSFET in a TO-220FP

April 20, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Central Semiconductor's latest energy efficient, high voltage UltraMOS MOSFET is designed to minimize total conduction losses while maximizing power density.

The CDM22012-800LRFP is a 12A, 800V MOSFET in the TO-220FP (Full Pack) package. The low rDS(ON) of 0.37Ω and low total gate charge of 7.6nC are key energy efficiency characteristics of this UltraMOS device. The 800V UltraMOS MOSFETs are well suited for power supplies, power inverters and the perfect pairing with Central’s HyperFast rectifiers, to provide a superior high speed operational benefit for phase shift compensation in Power Factor Correction (PFC) applications. In addition to the 800V device, Central has 600V and 700 UltraMOS devices available. A 6A, 800V device is also planned for release later this year.

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