14-bit digitizer boasts 10GS/s sampling rate

January 31, 2017 // By Julien Happich
SP Devices' ADQ7 is what the company claims to be the first digitizer to offer an unrivalled combination of 14-bits vertical resolution and a sampling rate of up to 10 GS/s.

The ADQ7 has been optimised to provide a high sampling rate, a large Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), increased memory and data transfer rate and a higher bandwidth analog front-end, making the board suitable for demanding applications such as Lidar, radar, mass spectrometry, radio frequency sampling and recording and Automated Test Equipment (ATE).

The ADQ7 hosts a Xilinx Ultrascale XCKU060 FPGA made available to the user through a firmware development kit. To help shorten design time, a number of optional stand-alone firmware packages are available, containing application specific, real time signal processing functions. The ADQ7 will be available in a multitude of form factors including MTCA.4, USB3, PCIe, PXIe, and 10 Gbit Ethernet and it supports sustained data transfer rates of up to 5 GB/s. A software development kit is included free of charge and supports multiple languages including, but not limited to, C++, C#, Matlab, Python, LabVIEW. The board can be operated under both Windows and Linux.

Visit SP Devices at www.spdevices.com/adq7