150 V power MOSFETS drive move from TO-220 to SuperSO8 packages

October 12, 2016 // By Nick Flaherty
Optimos 5 superSO8
Infineon Technologies has launched its fifth generation of 150 V power MOSFETs, reducing the on resistance to allow SuperSO8 packages to replace TO-220 devices in low voltage drives, synchronous rectification in telecom rectifiers and brick converters as well as solar power.

The OptiMOS 5 150 V offers a breakthrough reduction in on-state resistance R  DS(on) of 25 percent in a SuperSO8 package at 9mΩ. With the same R  DS(on) the figure of merit (FOM g) is improved by up to 29 percent over the previous generation. Increased commutation ruggedness is provided by the low reverse recovery charge  (Q  rr) of 26nC which is 72% lower than the next best alternative in SuperSO8, boosting the EMI performance. 

This enables SuperSO8 (PQFN 5x6) package devices to replace TO-220 alternatives as the switch provides increased power density and lower voltage overshoot (V  DS) from the reduced package inductance. 

Available in six packages, the lower output charge and higher switching frequency of the OptiMOS™ 5 150V power MOSFETs reduces the need for paralleling and end products are made more rugged, leading to overall system cost reduction.

More information is available at  www.infineon.com/optimos5-150V.