16-bit MCU packs on-chip Flash memory, crystal unit and RTC

January 25, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Seiko Epson has begun shipping samples of the S7C17M11, a low-power 16-bit microcontroller packing 128kB of on-chip Flash memory, a crystal unit, and a highly accurate real-time clock (RTC) with a temperature compensation function all in a 16x16mm footprint.

Epson integrated a crystal unit into the S7C17M11 microcontroller package and developed technology for detecting and correcting frequency deviations caused by temperature changes. The S7C17M11 is accurate to within 10 seconds per month at temperatures between 0 and 50°C, 13.2 seconds per month between -30 and 70C, and 26.4 seconds per month between -40C and 85C. Moreover, this integrated, single-chip solution eliminates the need for adjustments, thus reducing customers' development time and reducing the number of discrete components.
The S7C17M11 has a number of other integrated peripheral circuits including Flash memory, a 12-bit AD converter, and an LCD driver with a built-in liquid crystal power supply for a 240-segment display. Power consumption in RTC mode is 2.25 µA (typical).

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