2.1MHz Class-D audio amplifier targets car infotainment

December 05, 2016 // By Julien Happich
The TAS6424-Q1 from Texas Instruments is a 2.1MHz Class-D audio amplifier specifically designed for automotive applications. Supporting high-resolution 96-kHz digital input, the 10.35x18.42mm unit enables the use of smaller external filters and eliminates up to 18 external components to reduce system size and cost compared to existing Class-D solutions.

With a maximum output power of 75W per channel, the device features the industry’s highest switching rate and is the only audio amplifier that switches above the AM band, claims TI. Switching above the AM band eliminates the need for complex avoidance schemes and eases electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) designs while enabling the system to meet Comité International Spécial des Perturbations Radioélectriques (CISPR) 25 Class 5 EMC requirements. The TAS6424-Q1 provides detailed on-chip phase and impedance measurements that designers can use to configure the device with various outputs, such as woofer, tweeter and line-level connections. Offered in a PowerPAD thermally enhanced shrink small-outline package (HSSOP), the device reduces power dissipation by as much as 60 percent compared to Class-AB amplifiers, greatly reducing the need for fans or large heat sinks.

The PurePath Console graphical user interface is available to help designers easily configure the TAS6424-Q1. To simulate and optimize the device, designers can download an IBIS model or request a TAS6424-Q1 evaluation module .

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