22x32x12mm transit time sensor has a range up to 1m

April 14, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Where checking for presence and position monitoring in tight spaces are concerned, Wenglor's WinTec P1KY001 is claimed to be the world’s smallest transit time sensor, only measuring 22x32x12mm.

The device has a working range of 1000mm and is equipped with wenglor’s interference-free technology for the detection of black or glossy objects even at extremely inclined angles. The high-performance triple-dot laser diode (laser class 1) even detects black and glossy objects with unsurpassed precision at a switching frequency of 1kHz. Designed for temperatures ranging from -40 to +50° C, the P1KY001 can be used in cold storage facilities. Its large 1000mm working range, two switching outputs (antivalent) and the 270° potentiometer ensure a user-friendly, intuitive operation. Two LED displays are visible over nearly all axes, providing information regarding supply power, switching status and error diagnostics.

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