March 14, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Silicon Motion has extended its family of SATA 6Gb/s FerriSSD Industrial BGA SSDs to support the latest 3D NAND with end-to-end data path protection, NANDXtend~ ECC, and IntelligentScan~ feature, to deliver unsurpassed data reliability for embedded storage applications.

The new FerriSSD products offer flexible data capacity options up to 256GB and features proprietary data protection technologies that eliminate drive downtime and extend the service life of these SSDs. NANDXtend~  technology incorporates a new high-performance LDPC Error Correction Code (ECC) engine and a unique Group Page RAID function, which allows the SSD to recover from sudden NAND cell defects and bit errors induced by high-temperature operation environment or from general data-retention failures. IntelligentScan~  proactively protects data against potential data loss at high operating temperatures or read disturbance from intensive host read operations.  This prevention measure is achieved by self-adjusting the scan frequency when the SSD runs hot and by refreshing sectors of the memory array that are at risk before any data is lost.
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