3-micron circuit lines on flexible circuits stack to six layers

May 12, 2016 //By Julien Happich
Developing processes for the manufacture of sub-miniature circuits and electroformed structures, Metrigraphics boasts micron-scale flexible circuits stacking six or more layers with traces (circuit lines) as narrow as 3 microns.

The circuits are flexible and thin enough to wrap around objects with diameters as small as a pencil, the company says.
Typical microcircuit applications include mobile antennas and high performance bio sensors and electrodes. Any combination of coils, resistors, inductors, conductors, and bridges can be achieved through a mix of proprietary and industry-standard processes. These include high-resolution photolithography as well as sputtered thin-film and plated metal deposition. Multilayer flexible circuits are constructed of several independently stacked, aligned and interconnected layers composed of very thin sputtered metal or thicker-plated metal, such as gold or copper, on polyimide substrates. Plated conductive vias connect the different layers as required, with via sizes down to a 25-micron diameter.

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