32-bit motor control MCUs improve energy efficiency

March 23, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Renesas Electronics' lineup of 32-bit MCUs has been extended with the RX24T Group. Based on the RXv2 CPU core with a five-stage pipeline, a floating point unit and DSP functions, the chips execute 32-bit multiply within a single instruction to improve algorithm calculation accuracy.

The MCUs deliver double the performance from the RX23T, 30 percent reduced development time, and features additional instructions designed to accelerate performance and energy efficiency in industrial equipment, office equipment, and household appliances.  

The RX24T Group comprises a total of six new devices with pin counts from 80- to 100-pin and on-chip flash memory capacities from 128 kilobytes (KB) to 256 KB. It supports simultaneous inverter control of multiple motors with a single chip and are ideally suited for permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motor control in a variety of applications. Effectively, the RX24T running at 80 MHz has similar performance levels of a comparable 100MHz MCU, delivering up to 160 DMIPs. The on-chip FPU functionality provides faster implementation of calculation-intensive algorithms with wide dynamic range. A 24V motor control evaluation kit will soon be available for both the single-motor control RX23T and the multi-motor control RX24T.

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