360° wrap-around view evaluation package for all

May 24, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Socionext has introduced a new evaluation solution package for its 360° Wrap-Around View (WAV) system.

The package combines the hardware, software and support services necessary for initial evaluation and development of the WAV system. The company aims to expand the use of its 360° WAV system into both the automotive and the non-automotive applications, with cameras facing forward, backward, left and right to synthesize images on a three-dimensional model, then generating the views around the vehicle.

While conventional systems only synthesize images on a two-dimensional model and can only provide a view from a certain fixed viewpoint, such as from the top, the WAV thre3D model can display views around the vehicle from any perspective, making it useful for parking assistance and other applications such as lane change while driving. The system can enhance situational awareness for operators of construction vehicles. 
Socionext expects this new solution will help accelerate the spread of 360° WAV system into broader visual-aid applications, including non-automotive fields such as aerial shooting using drones.

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