380-390nm UV LED packs high power density in SMD package

December 15, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Leveraging its leading expertise in chip scale packaging, Lumileds has introduced the Luxeon UV U1 LED for use in UV curing, counterfeit detection, analytical instrumentation, inspections and other UVA and Violet (380-420 nm) applications.

This third generation of UV LEDs maintains the same micro package size as Luxeon Z UV, but enables a higher power density.

The new LED also features a robust design that eliminates materials like silicone over mold, which tends to yellow and crack upon UV exposure, and the elimination of wire bonds that can lead to catastrophic connection failures. The UV U1 LED is nominally tested at 500mA but can be driven at up to 1A to achieve higher irradiances. For the application of UV curing at 395 nm, the chip outputs 700mW at 500mA and over 1300mW at 1A under 25ºC. The Luxeon UV U1 footprint is a drop-in replacement for the Luxeon Z UV, while providing twice the typical radiometric power as its predecessor at 380-390 nm. The surface mount LEDs can be tightly assembled with spacing as small as 200 µm for high system flux density.

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