3D printed circuit carrier prototyped on demand

April 21, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Modern electronic equipment typically requires that the circuit must be accommodated within the limited space of a housing or enclosure. When conventional PCBs (2D) are no longer suitable, the switch to three-dimensional (3D) circuit carriers better optimizes available space.

Prior to moving to production quantities for which circuit carriers would be manufactured by injection moulding, Beta LAYOUT offers to produce prototype quantities using 3D printing together with laser structuring for metallized interconnects.

The 3 dimensional mechatronic integrated devices (3D-MID) obtained are coated with a special varnish. Assembly of the 3D-MID is then performed and completed in-house.

Beta LAYOUT can manufacture 3D-MID prototypes with a maximum size of 300x200x25mm. It can populate the carrier with electronic components at a minimum contact pitch of 0.65mm, with minimum trace widths of 0.3mm for a 0.3mm pitch.

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