4.00x1.75mm module combines colour, ambient light and proximity sensing

August 09, 2016 // By Julien Happich
The TMD3700 optical sensor module from ams AG combines colour (RGB), ambient light and proximity sensing in a 4.00x1.75mm footprint, the package being only 1.00mm high.

The device has a wide 45 degree field-of-view, ambient light sensing accuracy of +/-10% and an operating range of 200mlux to 60Klux behind dark glass. It enables smartphones to measure the surrounding light environment and automatically adjust display colour and brightness for optimal viewing. The colour sensor channels each have UV and IR blocking filters and a dedicated converter allowing simultaneous data capture necessary for accurate measurements.

The combination of colour and ambient light sensing enables smartphones to perform real-time adjustment of the display properties; such as white point, colour gamut and colour saturation, to achieve the best visual colour accuracy. The device allows dynamic elimination of both electrical and optical crosstalk producing reliable proximity detection; a function used by smartphone manufacturers to disable the touchscreen display when it is held close to the user’s face. In addition, the module’s integrated IR LED is calibrated for maximum performance and consistent operation.

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