5630-packaged LED delivers 210 to 220lm/W

March 08, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Everlight Electronics' 5630 HE KK7D-ELB LED draws 0.2W and delivers 210-220lm/W at 5000K. It has a tight 3SDCM ellipse binning for maximum colour consistency.

Using thermal plastic materials with high reflection, high lifetime, and improved optical structures, the 5630 HE KK7D-ELB LED series is optimized to obtain this industry-high optical efficiency without modifying the circuit and PCB layout compared to previous versions, reducing the number of necessary LEDs for a given application. For example, customers designing a 2000lm linear fixture using Everlight's 210-220lm/W 5630 HE KK7D-ELB LEDs need less than 12 watts of power consumption from the LEDs. This is a 30-40% energy saving compared to current comparable LED designs used in professional, commercial and industrial lighting applications. The current versions 5630 HE KK5D (195lm/W at 5000K) and KK6D (205lm/W at
5000K) are in mass production now.

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