5mm stack height for anti-magnetic hermaphroditic connector

May 12, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Erni has expanded its miniature 0.8mm microstac SMT connector series to include anti-magnetic versions with 12-pin (single row) and 54-pin (dual row) configurations with a 5mm board-to-board stack height and a 1.5mm effective wipe length.

The non-ferrous connectors are designed specifically for medical and instrumentation applications such as MRI machines, where ferrous materials can be hazardous and degrade test results.

The microstac components are based on a patented hermaphroditic design that combines male and female connector halves into one solution. The unique design reduces logistic, inventory and manufacturing cost, as the connectors mate and un-mate to themselves.
In spite of their extremely compact construction, microstac products achieve a high current-carrying capacity. With an ambient temperature of 20°C and current to all contacts, the 12-position microstac connector can transfer a derated 2.2A per contact. The contacts are formed through precision stamping. As a result, the contacts offer an extensive cross-section for low ohmic resistance, while at the same time providing a large radiating surface that yields higher current carrying capabilities than similar competing products.  
The new connectors also offer a high mating tolerance with allowed misalignment tolerances of longitudinal and transverse axes of ± 0.7mm. The allowed angular inclination tolerance is specified with ± 4 degrees. The SMT terminals and the unique design of the microstac allow for economical automated assembly (tilt-proof contact principle and dual-side positioning of the contact on the PCB). Available pin positions are 6, 10, 12, and 14 in single row with dual row available in 50- and 54-positions. A 9- position single row with a 3mm stack height is also available.
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