5W IC supports 100Gbps transmission over SMF optical links

March 14, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Socionext's MB8AJ2060 is a 100G per wavelength, fully-integrated transceiver based on Discrete-Multitone (DMT) modulation.

With a power dissipation of less than 5W and designed for transmission over single-mode fibers (SMF), this system-on-chip integrates on-chip hardware for analog/digital conversion interfacing to optics, DMT modulation/demodulation, low latency FEC processing and a high-speed SerDes electrical interface. The protocol agnostic device (transparent pass-through of client data signals) supports multiple 100 Gbps-class clients (100GE, ODU4, OTU4, 128GFC) and flexible data rates.

Other features include end-to-end link negotiation and management, hitless, in-operation link diagnostics and reconfiguration, an integrated CPU subsystem, device initialization and link training, and on-chip link management and non-real time DMT algorithms.

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