700V HVIC MOSFET drivers improve reliability, cut footprint

June 24, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Infineon Technologies' family of rugged, reliable 700 V High-Voltage ICs (HVICs) is optimised for solar, power supply, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), welding and industrial drive applications. The 700 V offering enables designers of high-voltage power stages to simplify their design while making them more robust.

The IR7xxxS series of HVICs feature sink/source ratings from 60 mA to 2.3A and employ PN junction technology. Available in half bridge and high- and low-side configurations, they are optimised for 700V MOSFETs and 650V IGBTs and offer full driver capability with extremely fast switching speeds to reduce magnetics component count.

Infineon adds that the IR7xxxS series offers the simplest, smallest and lowest cost solution to drive MOSFETs or IGBTs up to a blocking voltage of 700V, with up to 30% reduction in part count and up to 50% of board space compared to discrete optocoupler or transformer-based solutions. They have increased breakdown voltage and rugged transient performance.

Features of the devices include under-voltage lock-out protection for both channels, and lower di/dt gate driver for better noise immunity. The HVICs are tolerant to negative transient voltage dv/dt, offer matched propagation delay for both channels and are 3.3 and 15V input logic compatible.

Infineon; www.infineon.com