7th generation Intel Core processors get onto COM Express modules

January 03, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Avnet Embedded just announced the MSC C6C-KLU and MSC C6B-KLH Type 6 COM Express module families based on the 7th generation Intel Core processors (codenamed “Kaby Lake”).

The new Kaby Lake processors are manufactured in 14nm technology, as the former 6 th generation Intel Core processors, and have a similar architecture but are optimised for higher performance at the same level of power dissipation. The MSC C6C-KLU and MSC C6B-KLH module families are partly available with Intel Celeron and Xeon processors as well. Designed and manufactured by MSC Technologies (an Avnet Company) in Germany, these COM Express modules offer at least a 7-year lifecycle from the date of introduction.
The 95x95mm unit draw between 17W and 19W, typical and are suited for compact high-end embedded systems. The operating temperature ranges from 0° to 60°C. Four variants are available with the dual-core processors Intel Core i7-7600U, i5-7300U, i3-7100U, and Intel Celeron 3965U.

The on-chip Intel HD Graphics Gen. 9 supports DirectX® 12, OpenGL 4.4., and OpenCL 2x. Hardware-based graphics acceleration and video encoding/decoding complete the feature list. Three independent displays with up to 4k x 2k resolution can be connected. The modules can be equipped with up to 32GB DDR4 memory in two SO-DIMM sockets. An integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and an optional Secure Boot BIOS ensure additional security features.

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