8-channel data logger can monitor alarm thresholds and output digital control signals

November 22, 2011 // By Julien Happich
The Microlink 840 from Biodata is a versatile 8-channel data logger which can also monitor alarm thresholds and output digital control signals. The unit is well suited for monitoring analogue transducers including pressure, temperature, force, voltage and current, monitoring digital sensors like flow meters; counting switch closures; counting items produced; monitoring machines to record percentage on/off times and logging data from utility meters.

Windmill software makes it easy for users to configure the Microlink 840 and regularly download its data. Data can be saved as text, xml, EnergyLens files and to a MySQL database on the Internet or Ethernet network. Users can choose custom engineering units through software, scaling readings into the required units. Two alarms can be set on a combination of channels, and a digital channel switched when an alarm occurs. Remote PCs can also be notified over Ethernet or Internet. Maximum, minimum, average and final values can be saved over the logging interval, which can be between 1 minute and 9 hours long. The logger can count totals, frequency, periods, pulse widths and elapsed time. Counting can proceed to over 16 million. The default voltage input range is 0-3.3 V, but this can be changed at the factory or by users.

More information at www.microlink.co.uk/840.html

Visit Biodata at www.microlink.co.uk


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