905nm pulsed laser diode integrates micro lens

May 10, 2016 // By Julien Happich
OSI Laser Diode, Inc (LDI) has released the CVN 63-90ECL, a 905nm pulsed laser diode with an integrated micro lens.

The device offers a far-field beam pattern with equivalent divergence values (8 x 8 degrees FWHM) for both the Fast (perpendicular) and the Slow (parallel) axes of emission. The adjusted far-field pattern offers higher coupling efficiency into standard spherical lens systems. Hermetically sealed in a robust 9mm package for survivability in harsh environmental conditions, the pulsed laser diode is well suited for demanding military tasks such as field-deployed range finders. The RoHS-compliant devices operates from 895nm to 915nm, with typical wavelength operation at 905nm. Peak power is 75W minimum, pulse width is 100ns typical and the drive current is typically 30A. The new product complements the company's previously announced CVLL 350-CL90 operating at 1550nm.

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