96% efficient buck-boost regulators boast industry’s lowest quiescent current at 30µA

August 16, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Intersil's newly released ISL91127 and ISL91128 buck-boost regulators feature 4.5A switches, best-in-class efficiency up to 96%, and a compact footprint ideal for providing system power or powering the peripherals in battery-operated devices. They offer the industry’s lowest quiescent current of 30µA for superior light load efficiency.

In hand-held device applications where the input voltage may be higher or lower than the output voltage, buck-boost regulators improve efficiency and provide longer battery life compared to a boost regulator plus bypass solution. With increasing demands for smaller and smaller footprints, Intersil’s ISL9112x compact 4x4mm QFN and 2.15x1.74mm WLCSP packages enable power designs that maximize efficiency while providing flexibility and ease of design.
The ISL91127 and ISL91128 operate in buck, boost or buck-boost mode, depending on the relation between input and output voltages, and provide smooth transitions between modes to prevent noise and glitches. The new buck-boost regulators’ wide input voltage range of 1.8V to 5.5V supports multiple battery topologies, and their wide output voltage range of 1V to 5.2V combined with 3A output current provide the ultimate in design flexibility.

The ISL91128 also features I2C programmable dynamic output voltage adjustability, which eliminates feedback resistors and allows the reuse of the same design for multiple output voltage needs.

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