AC-DC battery-backed power supplies deliver up to 155W

April 06, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Powersolve’s PQE75-155 Series of AC-DC battery-backed power supplies are designed specifically for applications like security systems where constant power is a prerequisite.

Operating from a universal AC input, the PQE75-155 series units provide 1 - 3 DC outputs with battery charger suitable for 12 or 24V battery systems. Output voltages are 13.8V or 27.6VDC and models are also available with an auxiliary +5V 3A output. Output power ratings are 75, 100 or 155 Watts.

The PQE75-155 Series incorporates a number of features designed to ensure that constant power is available in the event of mains failure. These include “auto switch” when power off, battery low protection, battery polarity protection, brown-out (AC input low) protection and an integral constant current limiting circuit. Other significant features include alarm signals for AC OK and battery low, as well as short circuit, overload and overvoltage protection. The PQE75-155 Series meet all relevant safety and EMI/EMS standards.

Operating temperature range is up to +70⁰C with derating and cooling for most models is by free air convection while the 155W models are fan cooled.


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