AC-DC front-end modules offer high power density benefits

May 19, 2015 // By Paul Buckley
Vicor Corporation has introduced high density, low profile, integrated VIA PFM AC-DC front-end power modules offering PFC regulation while providing isolated 24 V or 48 V outputs at up to 400 W in a 9 mm thin thermally adept module.

The VIA PFM power modules achieve a power density of 8 W/cm³ supplying an isolated, PFC regulated 24 V or 48 V SELV DC output at up to 400 W from the universal AC input range of 85 to 264 V with 93% peak efficiency.

The VIA PFM is 5x thinner than traditional 1U supplies, offering novel design advantages to power system architects challenged by size constraints. With its 9 mm thin profile and 36 mm width, the VIA PFM can be mounted on the sidewall of any typical 1U chassis, saving valuable real estate. Thermally adept VIA PFMs may be chassis mounted and conduction cooled to eliminate fans, thereby improving overall system reliability and further minimising the power system footprint. High density, high efficiency and low thermal resistance make VIA PFM front-end modules well-suited for a wide range of end-market applications, including small cell wireless base
stations, size constrained LED lighting applications, industrial and automation systems.

Availability and Pricing

VIA PFM front-end power modules are available from Vicor and Vicor authorised distributors. Pricing starts at $107 for OEM quantities.