AC LED module does away with electrolytic capacitors, ballast

February 09, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Seoul Semiconductor has launched an LED module based on its AC-powered Acrich2 LED series. Through its innovative architecture, the module can fully apply the LED benefits - much better than conventional DC powered LED modules.

Since it can be powered directly off the mains AC power supply, the module does not require an AC/DC converter and thus no electrolytic capacitor. These capacitors, however, are characterized by a much shorter lifetime than all other components in are the limiting factor for the service lifetime of LED lighting. In addition, the converters are affected by losses and thus reduce the overall efficiency.

The Acrich2 modules also get by without the ballast associated with CFL lamps. While luminary manufacturers typically prefer solutions for CFL solutions that are compatible with the existing circuitry (i.e. ballast), this circuitry significantly reduces the efficiency. Thus, the rod-shaped AC-powered LED modules promise a long lifetime and better efficiency - manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor promises twice the lifetime of solutions involving an AC/DC converter, a power factor of 97 percent and an overall energy efficiency of 90 percent.

"Because of this optimized and simplified system design, the Acrich2 module is far superior to CFL lamps and DC-powered fluorescing LED luminaires", says Seoul Semi managing director Manuel Zarauza. Users benefit from longer lifetime and lower energy consumption and at the same time help to reduce CO2 emissions, he added.

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