"Accel64 for Linux" software supports 64-bit data acquisition processors

March 25, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Microstar Laboratories, a provider of Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) systems for PC-based high-performance multichannel measurement applications, has released version 1.00 of the Accel64 for Linux software.

This package builds Loadable Kernel Module (LKM) software for the GNU/Linux system, for running on 32-bit or 64-bit hardware architectures, to support the control of DAP data acquisition boards on systems using kernel versions in the 4.xx series.  Accel64 for Linux is offered under the BSD license as a free download.
The Accel64 for Linux software determines what kind of hardware platform is present and selects the native interface mode as the default. However, advanced users who have implemented kernel support for 32-bit software architectures under a 64-bit hardware platform can use either the 64-bit or 32-bit interface, depending on application requirements.

The Accel64 for Linux software will work the same in a 32-bit operating system environment, in a 64-bit operating system environment, or in a 64-bit operating system environment with transitional support for 32-bit applications.

Visit Microstar Laboratories at www.mstarlabs.com