Adaptive real time DSP architecture for power grid optimisation

October 24, 2011 // By Gabriel Antonesei
Over the past few decades, we have experienced an exponential growth of power supply systems with non-linear characteristics that cause serious harmonic pollution. This can lead to several adverse effects like overheating and premature ageing of electrical equipment, additional loss on transmission lines, and malfunction of protective relays, just to mention a few. Therefore, there is a growing concern and effort being put into achieving better management of the grid. One of the best methods would be to have more observation and analysis points in place for longer periods of time located throughout the grid. The best device that meets these requests could be part of the smart energy meter now being deployed at accelerated rates all over the world. An ASIC for these meters that combines energy metering features with harmonic analysis capabilities might be the right answer at the right time.

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