ADI and startup work on bioanalytical platform

February 21, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
Analog Devices Inc. (Norwood, Mass.) and Consumer Physics Inc. (Tel Aviv, Israel) have announced a collaboration to extend the application of a sensor-to-cloud IoT platform that proves molecular analysis of food, plants, drugs, chemicals, the human body.

Consumer Physics, founded in 2011, has developed SCiO, a handheld molecular sensor marketed to consumers.

SCiO is based on near-IR spectroscopy and includes a light source that illuminates the sample and a spectrometer that breaks down the light to its spectrum, which includes all the information required to detect the result of this interaction between the illuminated light and the molecules in the sample.

The handheld SCiO unit uploads the information to a smartphone, which in turn makes use of computing resources in the cloud. Advanced algorithms utilize an updatable database to analyze the spectrum within milliseconds and deliver information about the analyzed sample back to the user's smartphone in real time.

The technology can be expanded to address pharmaceuticals, agriculture, healthcare, oil and gas, plastics, cosmetics, geology and mineralogy.

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