ADI demos multi-system Ethernet connectivity

January 08, 2018 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
In shopfloor environments, system integrators and operators of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) frequently face the challenge to process data that are provided by systems running different flavors of industrial Ethernet. Analog Devices now has demonstrated that its fido5000 real-time, Ethernet multiprotocol (REM) switch is capable of handling and merging these different data streams.

In two separate settings, ADI showed the fido5000 forwarding Profinet data over Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and Ethernet/IP over TSN; in both cases 802.1AS enhancements was used as the basis for scheduling the network traffic. In the case of Profinet, a PLC from a popular third-party vendor was communicating with a multifunctional I/O system across the TSN network; at the same time, a video stream was routed through the same physical network connection along with IO link messages to prove that there is no mutual interference between the Profinet, video and IO Link messages.

In the case of Ethernet/IP, a similar setup using equipment from another popular vendor showed that, like in the first case, the three data streams could be transmitted without any interference.

fido500: Data hub in
heterogeneous environments

In both cases, the fido5000 played the central part. The date is transferred from the switch using PriorityChannel queues, so real-time data transfers can interrupt non-real-time (and thus less critical) data streams without any delay in the higher-priority streams. These queues are managed by the switch driver and interface to the protocol stack to achieve the most efficient data transfers possible. Another performance advantage of the REM switch is that its PriorityChannel technology makes it immune to network loading effects. This advantage ensures the application is up and running all the time, every time. The REM switch intelligently filters packets to keep unwanted traffic from processor, manage low priority traffic based on the loading of the processor and guarantee the timely delivery of high priority packets regardless of overall load.

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