Airborn’s Micro and Nano connectors in stock at Astute Electronics

February 20, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Astute Electronics is now stocking a wide range of Micro and Nano connectors from AirBorn Inc.

The Micro connectors based on a contact spacing of 1.27mm (0.050") are MIL-83513 qualified and include M Series (9 to 100+ contacts), the rugged microQUAD Series designed to handle LVDS serial bus signals like IEEE 1394, Ethernet, and serial rapid IO making it suitable for most high-reliability applications, and the microSI Series of rugged products designed for high-speed/signal-integrity applications (up to 10 GB) and flexibility by supporting 1X, 4X, and 8X 100 Ω and 85 Ω differential serial buses.

Airborn’s N Series Nano products – contact spacing 0.636mm - are approved to MIL-32139 standard. These connectors suit applications in the smallest and most demanding spaces.


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