Alps introduces low-current pressure sensor

April 07, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
Alps pressure sensor
Alps Electric Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) has started manufacturing a low current consumption model in its HSPPAD series of digital pressure sensors suitable for integration into smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.

A re-optimization of the ASIC that accompanies a previous model of MEMS sensor has achieved a low power mode that draws 1.8-microwatts, while being able to offer absolute pressure accuracy of +/- 0.7hPa, relative pressure accuracy: +/-0.05hPa. Alps claims the low-power current draw is the lowest available in the industry as of February 2016.

The sensor measures 2.0mm by 2.5mm by 0.9mm. The sensor incorporates temperature compensation circuitry and a 16-step FIFO.

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