Analog output magnetostrictive sensor comes in threaded version

April 05, 2016 // By Julien Happich
MTS Sensors has updated its widely-used MH Series of magnetostrictive linear position sensors by introducing a threaded flange option.

The MH5-Threaded device is a highly robust sensor optimized for mobile applications (such as crane outriggers), as well as fuel tank level measurement. The sensing device delivers high performance operation, with a ±0.1mm typical resolution, repeatability of ±0.1mm and a ±0.04% linearity (full scale). Stroke lengths of up to 2500mm are supported. The sensor rod is available in 7mm and 10mm diameters. The operational temperature range supported spans from -40°C to + 105°C.

The proprietary Temposonics magnetostrictive technology used by the MH Series sensors makes them impervious to vibration, shock, dust and electro-magnetic interference.

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