Android development kit targets both hardware and software

March 15, 2016 //By Julien Happich
To aid in Android software development, Gateworks has developed an example Android application showcasing the interaction of the software with the Gateworks Android hardware.

The app features support for low level control of the user GPIO, LEDs and more. An easy to use Android library is also provided which can be utilized for any custom application development. The Gateworks Android Software has been documented on the wiki pages, Android App Development and Android OS Development .

Topics covered include setting up the Android Studio IDE, writing sample code for a Hello World App, as well as using an external Gateworks code library for accessing low level items through the app such as GPIOs, LEDs and more. As for OS development, the wiki includes items on the serial console command line such as initialization scripts, ADB, partitions, command line networking, LED control, GPIO control and other hardware integration.

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