AOI testing includes ultra-bright LEDs function tests

October 19, 2017 // By Julien Happich
In the automotive sector, LEDs are already moving into power spectra far beyond 500lm per individual LED and in parts, deliver more than 1000lm in modular design. Prüftechnik Schneider & Koch now also offers the measurement of ultra-bright LEDs in its LaserVision-LED AOI and function test system.

The LaserVision LED test system performs the complete testing of a circuit board up to 1500mm long, including AOI testing and function tests as well as testing of the LEDs with regard to light parameters. The testing of ultra-bright LEDs is challenging due to their brightness. Schneider & Koch has integrated optical attenuation and an additional camera to solve this problem. Since this doesn’t change the LEDs’ colour characteristics, the unit can be defined according to the maximum brightness of the LEDs to be tested.

In order to guarantee the most stable values possible and a defined measurement time point, the possibility exists to supply the LEDs with current in advance. This so-called “pre-glow” function is possible because the LaserVision LED is equipped with various sources, which can be flexibly interconnected via a matrix. Attention must also be paid to temperature management during the course of testing, particularly in LED assemblies with powerful LEDs. In these cases, heat dissipation can be implemented via the adapter. Electrical contacting can also be accomplished via the adapter. In in-line operation, this contacting is implemented via a contacting unit driven in parallel with servo-motors, which can be laid out both from below and from above.

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