Application processor module measures 29.5x22.5mm

June 29, 2011 // By Julien Happich
Jorjin Technologies launched the Jorjin ATBN module family based on Texas Instruments' AM37 / DM 37 application processors. The 29.5x22.5mm LGA module contains the processor SoC, RAM, flash ROM, and power management functions. The computer-on-module’s high density routing allows a low cost 4-layer board to be used for the product PCB.

The ATBN module family is delivered with a tested operating system and device driver software, reducing the risk and time to bring an embedded product to market. In addition, this range of modules are pin compatible, providing a straightforward upgrade path to additional memory or DSP functionality. Jorjin has partnered with several companies to bring the Ferretboard evaluation board to market. This fully featured board supports the full range of embedded connectivity for the ATBN module, including USB, HDMI, WLAN, Bluetooth, analog video and analog audio in a 95x95mm footprint. The Ferretboard also supports connections to an LCD touch panel, 2G/3G modem with onboard SIM, MMC flash, CMOS camera, switch matrix and GPIO connections. The current release currently supports Android 2.2, with full schematics, gerber files and source code available on request.

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