ARM acquisition bolsters its position in high-performance computing

December 20, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
ARM (Cambridge, UK) has announced that it has acquired Allinea Software (San Jose, CA), a leading provider of software tools for high performance computing (HPC); ARM says that this extends its range of development tools to HPC, machine learning and data analytics markets.

Allinea Software specializes in development and performance analysis tools to maximize the efficiency of software for HPC systems, and claims that 20 of the world’s top 25 supercomputers use its tools, with key customers including the US Department of Energy, NASA, a range of supercomputing national labs and universities, and private companies using HPC systems for scientific computation.

Allinea’s tools provide developers with the ability to deal with systems with hundreds, thousands (and hundreds of thousands) of cores. The product suite includes the developer tool suite Allinea Forge, which incorporates an application debugger called Allinea DDT and a performance analyzer called Allinea MAP, and an analysis tool for system owners, users and administrators called Allinea Performance Reports.

“As systems and servers grow in complexity, developers in HPC are facing new challenges that require advanced tools designed to enable them to continue to innovate,” said Javier Orensanz, general manager, development solutions group, ARM. “Allinea’s ability to debug and analyze many-node systems is unique, and with this acquisition we are ensuring that this capability remains available to the whole ARM ecosystem, and to the other CPU architectures prevalent in HPC, as well as in future applications such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced data analytics.”

This acquisition continues ARM’s growth strategy in HPC and builds on the recent Fujitsu’s 64-bit ARMv8-A powered Post K supercomputer, and the launch of the ARMv8-A Scalable Vector Extension. It follows the announcement that ARMv8-A will be the first alternative architecture with OpenHPC support, and the release of ARM Performance Libraries, which provide software development and portability to ARMv8-A server platforms. ARM says that Allinea’s expertise will give partners access to a comprehensive software tools suite that address increasingly complex system challenges.